“I am Luis but some of my closest friends might call me ‘Panocho’ as well. The story behind the nickname is heavily linked to #buildingbeautywithlove and will be told soon in one of my posts. Promised! :)”

Living in the west of the city of Amsterdam together with Magola. Yes, the one resting on my left shoulder. The side of the heart, unconscious mind and unconditional love. The little one came to join the family a year ago bringing new ways of considering life. At this stage of my life, I feel Self-engaged and committed to finding new ways of consciousness and living with a porpose. I am a media, interactive media, digital media, graphic, blah, blah blah. I am just a passionate designer who loves what he does!

In the last nine years of my carrier, I have had the chance to explored many fields within the digital ocean. I now come to the conclusion that in the past, I have been most moved by ambition and fake responsibilities. Radical backgrounds, uncomfortable life experiences, and social pressure might wight heavily when they are not acknowledged or either healed on time. I finally choose to let go and trust in my heart. What one day started as a painting on the walls of my sleeping room at the age of 14, today it reveals its essence once again illuminating a clearer path. I finally choose to give up on control and to welcome a new way of life. I now choose to be the hunter and not the hunted as I have realized that beyond the mind, the heart beats. I finally choose for design in the form of digital branding.

Working on front-end development, front-end design, web design, digital design, animation, etc. After nine years of career, I have discovered that giving shape to a brand, with love and care, is what really makes my heart sing in many ways.

Having a cup of thee and getting to know each other better, looks to me like the perfect scenario for the first meeting with a potential customer and future friend. I am convinced that my customer’s needs, likes, feelings and this first experience in general, are keys for the development of a great and harmonious design.

I love the process of meeting my clients before and during a project. I like to see how a client reacts to the clean expression of my designs, my suggestions and to make and build up a closer connection with her. All of this is mostly reflected in the end product afterwards.

Within the branding process, different components will be designed or created. Starting with the logo or image of the company, I then design the complementary components like a business card, letterhead, envelop, flyer, guide book, menu card, banner, intro video, portfolio site or landing page, etc. Everything a starter needs to be up and running her business!

The intention of creating this blog is not only to show cast my portfolio but also to share the story behind every project and some life experiences as well. Next, to design, I do love traveling, cooking, sporting and meeting new people. All of these facets might come back in the upcoming posts too.

I hope you enjoy my work and it’ essence. It is artwork designed from the heart and free of rules & limitations.

Please feel free to leave me a comment as your opinion counts for my personal and professional grouwth.

Love and blessings,

Luis M.