Studio Dutch – “Art made with love”

Studio Dutch is all about branding with love and care. It is about helping you to bring a clear and inspiring message to your clients. You give me your dreams and ideas and Studio Dutch will translate it into a digital design with a piece of heart included. Together we will create and polish a custom brand that will stick in peoples mind and will awake their senses.


Within the branding process, different components will be designed or created. Starting with the logo or image of the company, Studio Dutch then designs the complementary components like a business card, letterhead, envelop, flyer, guide book, menu card, banner, intro video, portfolio site or landing page, etc. Everything a starter needs to be up and running her business!


The intention of creating this blog is not only to show cast my portfolio but to share the story behind every project and some life experiences as well. I hope you enjoy my work and her essence.

“Artwork designed from the heart and free of rules & limitations “

Branding, Inspiration



Branding project for the real state (makelaar) Digna de Bruijn.

Studio Dutch wishes you all the luck in this new stage of your life and your career. It is been an amazing experience to work with u and to be part of your life project.

  • Category: Branding
  • Work: Custom logo & branding package
  • Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere
  • Website: ddbmakelaardij.nl
Branding, Inspiration


A self-confessed perfectionist, Dora is influenced by the anatomy of the face, color, texture, moods, the atmosphere and the electricity of an environment, a smile, a look and the way makeup can convey thoughts and emotions. Her attention to the smallest of details and ability to create flawless seamless skin make her the perfect match for another artist​ within the film and photography industry.

  • Category: Branding
  • Work: Custom logo, branding package & portfolio site
  • Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress
  • Website: www.vandoramakeup.com