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An inspiring article, originally prepared as a talk for the Boulder Gay Men’s Health Summit in 1999, first published in Genre magazine, March 2000

Sex workers can be and often are the first-line providers of care to the sexual health of men or who have sex with men, especially those who don’t identify as gay. The services provided by whores, escorts, and erotic masseurs begin with something that is often underrated in our culture: healing through pleasure. Inside every gay man are traces of a kid who’s been shamed, humiliated, silenced, or terrorized for being queer. For some people, going to a professional for sex is one way to gain permission to experience pleasure in our own bodies, which can be an amazingly powerful healing event.

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M2M is happy to introduce the Ecstantric Men Experience as a safe practice for self-expression and connecting with your true self. During this journey, you will get the space to explore and play with your true feelings and emotions. Also, to get comfortable with nudity, intimacy, curiosity, and exploration with like-minded men. This journey will last two hours and, you can expect the integration of different components like meditation, yoga kriyas, yoga breath-work, tantric dance, and ritualism. Sound will play an essential roll in this journey too. It will help us regain our connection with our inner self, mother earth ‘Pachamama’, access ancestral knowledge, and connect with the Divine. It will finally help us disconnect from the rushing physical world we live in and give ourselves space for calm, relaxation, and regeneration.

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MEN2MEN Tantra | De-armouring

In the video, you can appreciate an intro to a module of the MOM/Sacred Sexuality experience program. Here we integrate Multiorgasmia and sacred sexuality as a means to access the transcendent, to enter into the mystical, as a path of self-knowledge, and ultimately as a way to experience the Divine. It innately includes the experience of ecstatic states of expanded pleasure, access to cosmic awareness, and feelings of profound union wholeness, and love. #namaste #multiorgasmia #sacredsexuality #tantra #m2mtantra

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Lectura – 15 Marzo 2020 | CORONA

Tarot reading about the COVID-19

La muerte anuncia tiempos de cambio inevitables. Muerte física y transcendencia espiritual. Un Rey de espadas representando el alto mando frio y calculador, o quizás el mismo virus “Corona”, quien ahora silenciosamente nos tiene en sus manos. El Ermitaño por otro lado, nos confirma tiempos de solitud e introspección. Así inicia esta lectura, como respuesta a tan polémica pregunta; “Que tan seria es esta situación que vivimos hoy con el #COVID-19?”.

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MUERTE / RENACER | The light seer’s Tarot. Chris Anne 

Nos encontramos en un momento de cambios drásticos en nuestra vida.

La muerte nos anuncia el fin inevitable de un ciclo, abriendo paso a otro. Es importante dar una respuesta de amor a este cambio. Si te sientes ansioso, triste o estancado, trata de conectar con tu interior y así obtendrás las enseñanzas de toda esta situación.