TAROT & ORACLE GENERAL CARD READING : full results overview within three days.

Throughout my experiences working with the different oracle and tarot decks, I had have the opportunity to sense different sources and kinds of energy. Some of them being more kind and sutil facilitating healing work for example, and some others being more strength and direct giving us the information and instructions we might need at the moment in order to step out denial and keep working on our personal growth. The true black tarot, Rider Waite Tarot, The art of Love Tarot, Gay Tarot, Naipe Español and several shamanic oracle decks​, are on the list of my divination and healing tools. All of them with some unique, incredible & powerful energy. I am looking forward and very happy to be your facilitator during this beautiful journey. I happily invite you to learn the lessons from your past, Incorporate them into your present and start working on a much more bounty future based in love, light and awareness.

Blessings, Luis

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Nota: para lecturas en Colombia y Latin America, por favor contactarme por whatsapp: +31681329333 | ❤️🔥

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