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M2M design is all about branding with love and care. It is about helping you to bring a bright and inspiring message to your clients. You give me your dreams and ideas, and through M2M I will translate it into a digital design with a piece of your heart in it. Together we will create and polish a custom brand that will stick in peoples mind and will awake their senses.


During the branding process, different components will be created. Starting with the logo or image of the company, M2M will design the complementary branding elements like a business card, letterhead, envelopes, flyers, guide book, menu card, but also like banners, videos to be used for representative purposes, landing and portfolio web pages, etc. So, in short: everything an independently operating entrepreneur needs to start and run his business!


The intention of creating this blog is not only to showcase my branding portfolio but also to share the story behind each project and some life experiences with my readers. I hope you will enjoy my work and its essence.

“Artwork designed from the heart and free of rules and restrictions.”

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