‘Choosing for your heart’s path will bring content and self-awareness into your life.’

Today I do feel in a state of offering you a space for loving acceptance and self-expression without any judgment—a place for experiencing calm and working on your self-discovery and experiencing deep altered states of consciousness. My confidence in my current path comes mostly from my own life experiences and the spiritual teachings that I inherited from my native American and shamanic ancestors. Within the tantric path, I had the chance to get the initiation from an excellent mentor. It also gave me the confidence to finally answer my call and start sharing this beautiful philosophy with the world. Depending on the session, I base my practice on combining different tools and techniques to offer my clients the best possible and accurate experience. Nex to my intuitive and holistic approaches, I integrate the practice of different ancient techniques like Yoga breath-work, Pranayama, mudras, bandhas, and meditation to alter your flow of energy. I also work with the integration of Ecstatantric dance or meditative tantric movements, healing stones, and the divination Tarot/Oracle cards that I have obtained along my journey.

I do believe in living in a much more abundant life. I hope to help you dismantling the actual concept of a materialistic world and showing you that abundance comes in different forms when you are open to looking at it with different eyes, with the eyes of your heart and the Devine creation. Through simple tools, you will be able to work on issues from your past, forgive and release any guilt you might still carry with you in the present and start building an even more meaningful future.

I welcome you to M2M and I am very looking forward to being part of your story.

Love & Fire,

Luis M. #namaste

Tantra and Multiorgasmia practitioner – Trained under the True Tantra protocols.

Contact me on WhatsApp: +31681329333

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